I am Ruban Gino Singh

B.Tech Student | Tech Enthusiast


Ruban Gino Singh B.Tech Student

Hi, I am Ruban Gino Singh. I'm Inspired to make Innovative and Unique based on my Technical Knowledge. I had done my high school at @Rose Mary School and left for an Undergraduate programme at @Karunya University. to extend my skills for the future world. Apart from my studies, I prefer to be a tech enthusiast, and I've spent time coding, designing, and developing new projects as a freelance full-stack web developer.

I am passionate about being a freelance Graphic designer, Having some intermediate skills in designing UX/UI, flyers, infographics, and social media graphics. Currently I am working as a part-time graphic designer inside Karunya Kreatives under Karunya University. I had Music, Photography, and reading business-related books as my free time hobbies. I intensely believe that I am on track towards my career goal and will hone my skills where I need continuous improvement to become a better version of myself.

Skills Truly for my knowledge

Being ended my high school Computer Science specific in March 2020, I have tried to expand my skills in the vacation of covid pandemic curfew. Had taken up some youtube tutorials and web documentation to learn from the basics of front-end web and app development. By 6th August 2020, I'd launched my first website with a minimal design of UI. Finally, I've Got up with the skills of Web development, App Development, along with some experience in Web technologies and Programming Languages (Java, Python).

Apart from technology, I had sharpened my skill level to intermediate in the extent of UX/UI Design (Both web and app), Social media Graphics, Content Writing, Blogging, Photo/Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Management, and Leadership. To know more about my Academic achievements, Experience, and other hard/soft skills, View my detailed Resume on my LinkedIn page: Ruban Gino Singh.


The skills that I have mentioned were authentic and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Web Development

Java Script



Graphic designs & Video Edit

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere pro
Adobe After Effects

UX/UI Design

Adobe XD


Portfolio Works that I made previously

After getting packed up with some skills, I've consistently done some websites, android apps, system applications, infographics, logos, posters, social media graphics, and video editing. This section has loaded up some of the works that I made previously with hard work and inspiration to showcase my talents.

Check out some of my techy pieces and drop me a mail at info@rubangino.in to notify me what you think of them.

Android App

Android application is my first inspiration to get into this development workflow. Behind the scenes, I have gained knowledge in Java programming language with Android studio to end up with a couple of beginner-level applications. Still, I am currently focusing on Flutter Development to make cross-platform applications. Download now and get inspired. If you have any project requests in the area of full-stack web development, Feel free to contact me at info@rubangino.in.

Graphic Design

Out of the view, Design is everything in this modern world. So, I have utilized my leisure time by designing Posters, Logos, Infographics, Banners, Social Graphics, and UI/UX Design. Currently, I am working as a part-time graphic designer in Karunya Kreatives inside Karunya University. Look through my designs and get inspired with my works done with passion and motivation. If you want to download any such poster for your design ideas, you can feel free to download it by entering pin: 2990.

Video Editing

I've like to watch Hollywood movies, But I'm not keen to understand the whole story. Instead, I've enjoyed the way of editing that the editor works to make a year story in an hour video. With that inspiration, I jumped into video editing by learning some intermediate skills of Adobe premiere pro. After taking that as an experience, I have done video editing for my youtube channel and done some freelance works for others. Here I have embedded all of my edits to inspire the people who view my creations.


I've always liked to take up projects; I've done projects for two reasons. Reason 1: Projects provide me the strength to expand up a particular skill. Reason 2: Projects helped me to do future projects. So far, I have done projects with HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Python, Java, and C. Most of my projects are open source, and I've uploaded them to a public repository on my GitHub page: Ruban2205. I'm looking forward to uploading the projects for people's inspiration on my website.